Magical 101

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Hands Holding a Lit Candle

Today October 13, 2013 at 7pm something incredible happened in my life… I had the amazing opportunity to see Joel Osteen live at the Oasis church of Los Angeles.

It is magical to see a big star like him Sundays after Sundays on TV and suddenly live at 20 feets in front of you in a relatively small and intimate church. It is a privilege… and a once in a life time experience.

That is my point… the magical of life.

To renew our relationship with God… we need to contemplate the magical in our lives, be amazed and thankful.

First what means contemplation?

Do you remember when we were little ones and were looking at something amazing, fascinating, we had the mouth open, the tongue out, the eyes round and we were like hypnotized?… that is the spirit.

If I could define the attitude of contemplation, I will say it is looking at something or someone (an event, a space, a person) entirely with its context, by grasping not only that particular unity in the middle but also the entire infinite creation of all spaces and all times that surrounds it and leads to it… that is when magical begins. Observe that I didn’t say at the center. Middles are interacting with everything around while centers are “self-centered” and that is not life but death. It is the difference between the void that collapse on itself (like in the emptiness of space) and the Energies interacting with each other (attracting or repelling).

When you see anything with its context, as a result of it, in harmony with it, you start to see a movement, a direction, a role it plays. Like a piece of a puzzle that takes place and define better the all picture, you start to see the bigger PLAN, the higher PURPOSE.

Let’s do a little exercise that will recreate the attitude of contemplation.

Step 1:

Let’s open our lips and stick the tip of our tongue at the base of our front teeth, then let’s relax our face entirely by impersonating the mask of innocence (like an actor).

Step 2:

Let’s fix a point in front of us and while we are looking at that point, let’s observe everything surrounding it without stopping to look at the point. (let’s use our peripheral vision). It is a great vision exercise that we can use to play all kind of sports or while driving to develop our reflexes, helping us to have a global vision and avoid accidents. We can practice peripheral vision by throwing a ball to someone and catching it but while looking only at the eyes of our partner and never at the ball. It is magical to discover how good we are to catch the ball without looking at it.

Step 3:

Let’s feel our entire body as one mass like if it was a bag of water on the floor completely expanded and relaxed (let’s make sure that all our muscles are relaxed and more particularly our anal sphincter always contracted by our fears). When our entire body is relaxed and seems like to be only one mass, let’s feel the region of our heart and stay concentrated to that sensation while we feel our entire body as one.

By practicing this exercise, we will find our body filling up with a sensation of peace and well being, we will be ready to be in communion with God.

We will then be able to fill our heart with Love and Joy, our head with amazement and our body with peace and well being, contemplating the entire infinite God’s creation in all spaces and all times with respect, love and joy.

If we learn how to contemplate, every single event in our life take place in the middle of an entire chain of events leading to it and makes us realize how amazing and magical it is for that event to happen to us.

We understand as well why it happened and the infinite intelligence behind it… in an other word, the hand of God.

We discover how that event serves our mission in life and help us to achieve it.