Allowing and Resisting: The Law of Attraction and Manifestation

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“L’humain aimante les évènements et les êtres qui lui correspondent”.  Thierry ETE
The Law of Attraction is the most fundamental of all universal laws. Out-pacing the laws of gravity and velocity, well-beyond the measurements of science, The Law of Attraction is the basis for who YOU are.
This rather fundamental concept has been around for ages, often hidden from the masses by those who wish to keep people “unconscious”.
Your thoughts do indeed create your reality. Thoughts are forms of energy that are sent ahead and eventually manifest as physical matter. The thoughts you think determine the outcome of your worldly experiences, from finances to health, relationships to environment. In fact, there is no aspect of your life that is not affected by your thoughts.
“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.” -Albert Einstein “
The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.” -William James
Most of us were taught to be sloppy thinkers. We remain frozen in worry or defeated by fear. We believe that we have become victims of our circumstances. As our thoughts remain negative or mostly unconscious, we end up attracting by default. We are stunned when we develop a horrible disease, become involved in a tragic car accident or suffer from financial failure. Without realizing it, the thoughts we have been thinking are all responsible for this.
The ability to focus a thought becomes the driving force behind The Law of Attraction. Focusing on a single thought purely and clearly for a short duration of time becomes the starting point. Once you become adept at focusing your thoughts it will be easier and more efficient.
Words do not matter much but the emotion behind the words does. The Universe works on vibration. Everything is vibration first and matter second. When you feel an affirming emotion when focusing thought you are now creating dynamic change. Pure thought with positive emotion is said to be the equivalent of 2000 action hours. The problem that many people run into is that they “pretend” to be positive on the outside but are really vibrating negativity on the inside. They might not even be aware of what it is that they are doing.
Nothing happens by mistake. The thoughts you think do indeed create your reality. There are two primary forces in the Universe — allowing and resisting. If your manifestation has not yet arrived it is only because you are resisting it. Here is how this works. Imagine driving your car with one foot on the gas pedal and one foot on the brake at the same time. Your car might be moving forward but there will be quite a bit of resistance along the way, not to mention the damage done to the brakes. Most people become frustrated and stop believing in the power of their own thoughts only because they have unconsciously placed great resistance in front of their dreams. Frustration will pull you even more into the negative thinking mode and create more mistrust in the Law of Attraction.
Let’s say that you desire to have more money. This is a positive thinking manifestation. You are now in a state of creation and allowing. You then might begin to worry about how complicated it will be to have all of this money. You imagine that you won’t know how to manage it. Others will want some of it and you might not know how to say “No” to them. Now you are in a state of resistance. Your foot is “sharply pressing down on the brakes” in your “vibrational” world. This is why your creation has not yet arrived.
When you are in a state of judgment you are also in a state of resistance. Imagine wanting an expensive new car but you have judgments about those who are able to afford expensive new cars. You are now in a state of resistance. Imagine that you want an easy life where you did not have to work so hard to get by. You keep yourself in a state of resistance when you judge others who already have an easy life where they do not have to work so hard. You can not belong to a club where you despise the current members. If you want your manifestations to arrive you must already be a vibrational match to them. Festering in a state of judgment is just pushing your desires away.
Who are you really? An amazing lecture given by Alan Watts a British philosopher, writer, and speaker. He wrote more than 25 books and numerous articles on subjects such as personal identity, the true nature of reality, higher consciousness, meaning of life.
The Four Levels of Consciousness
There are four levels of consciousness. Most people never make it out of level one and are condemned to suffer in this self-imposed hell of an inner world. Here are the four levels of consciousness:
1. Unconscious Unconsciousness
At this stage you are not even aware that you are unconscious. You attract negative things into your life at a rapid pace, as if you have developed a negative ball of energy rolling down hill. Nothing is ever your fault and you are always looking for someone to blame.
2. Conscious Unconsciousness
Here you are aware of your negative thinking and the consequences that it might bring. You might see your negative pattern and have become aware of what it is that you are attracting. You may not like what you are attracting, but you have taken responsibility for it.
3. Conscious Consciousness
You deliberately decide to focus pure and positive thought on something and remove all resistance to its arrival. And, sure enough, it arrives. Your creation might be something as simple as visualizing a parking space opening up for you at the mall. You deliberately intended it, allowed it to come to you and acknowledged it when it arrives.
4. Unconscious Consciousness
When you get to this point, you do not have to work so hard to create things in your life. You are a believer in how the mind game is played and you spend conscious time each day making your mind important. New creations come to you easily and quickly. You have built a positive ball of energy that continues to roll forward in your favor. People call you the “lucky one”.
The Mind is NOT the Brain
The scientific and rational community have spent an inordinate amount of time and money studying the brain. The belief among these individuals is that the brain is the ultimate part of who we are. They say that the brain controls everything. The mind, according to these scientific types, is just a function of the brain. This is akin to the belief that the brain secretes hormones through the glandular system, establishes electrical impulses through the electrical system and has many more functions. We are told by our scientists that the brain is the most important organ and the mind is just an activity that the brain performs. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The reality is that scientists and rational-minded individuals have it completely backwards.
The mind is much bigger than the brain. The mind does not live in the brain but passes through the brain. The mind can pass into the smallest cell in one’s body or can travel into the future or across thousands of miles of empty space. Have you ever heard of someone who was “incurably sick” and learns how to focus his mind and heal his body? This happens every day. When you take your thoughts to Aunt Alice, thousands of miles away, and the next thing you know there is a telephone call from her, the brain did not do that. The mind, traveling far outside the body, reached out to make contact.
Magic will begin to happen at even a quicker pace when we stop studying the brain (just an organ) and learn how to focus our minds.
Using your mind to attract your reality is actually a very simple technique. First, make your thoughts important. Most people randomly shrug off their thoughts as not being important. They often get stuck thinking the same old negative thoughts all day long and can not begin to see the relationship between what they are thinking and what is happening in their life.
Three Ways of Attracting
1. Direct Asking
You are angry that you have a beat up old car and every day you proclaim how much you despise this car and wish someone would just come along and crash into it to get rid of it. Lo and behold, you are involved in a traffic accident and your car is destroyed. You act surprised when this event transpires and you move into blame and anger. You believe whole-heartily that it must be the other driver’s fault for not paying closer attention.
2. Fear
You might have heard stories of how wild animals are attracted to fear so if you are approached by one do not run or act afraid. The Law of Attraction works the very same way. If you are afraid of “catching” a horrible disease you are still attracting it to you. If you are afraid of financial failure you are still attracting it. Whatever you are afraid of has a good chance of coming closer to you. This occurs because your thoughts are like magnets, whether those thoughts are positive ones or negative ones.
3. Vibrational Alignment
Emotional alignment is important when attracting. Imagine leaving the house feeling like a victim. Why does it surprise you when you spill coffee on yourself? This incidence only matches a vibration that you were already experiencing. Like attracts more of the same. A vibration of negativity will bring more negativity your way whereas a vibrational attitude of positivity will attract positive results.
Mental Obesity


Most people are three-hundred pounds overweight in their minds. Their minds are quite out of shape and their life is filled with struggle and blame. They are in denial that there is a problem (just like many physically obese people) and they do nothing to try to change the situation. If you were physically obese you might start slowly to make small changes in your life (dietary adjustments, beginning a walking program etc.). Mental shaping up is no different. Begin by imagining all the lights turning green when you are driving down the road or the perfect parking space is waiting for you at the grocery store. Small steps add up to big changes.

Why would someone deliberately choose to develop a horrible disease or choose to have bad things happen to them? This is often a challenging question for many to understand. The answer is very simple. We all have a part of ourselves that is frozen in sabotage. Not everyone wants to feel well or to be wealthy. Most people have invested a great amount of time and thought into sabotage and this is what shows up. You might have heard the expression that says, “if you go looking for trouble then trouble is likely to find you.”
A parent knows all too well how sabotage works. At one time or another most children will “develop” a cold or sickness to avoid a situation like going to school or visiting a relative. The child’s thoughts are powerful enough to change the physical body so the child can escape a situation that he or she does not know how to handle (i.e. a test, a conflict etc.).
As adults, our powerful thoughts continue to sabotage our lives, only the outcome is often quite stronger. From putting on weight to financial hardships, if you are not thriving then your thoughts are actively involved in sabotaging your greatest successes. You have invested in sabotage as the primary reference point in your life. Somehow you errantly believe that you are benefiting from sabotage just like the sick child feels a benefit by not having to attend school.
For instance, many people create illnesses to rest, take a break from life, to be taken care of by others or to avoid an uneasy situation. Instead of learning to find the tools to resolve these conflicts, becoming sick is the easiest way to find relief. One could make the argument that hospitals are filled with people who are choosing illness as a way of getting relief from a mental conflict that they are unable to resolve any other way. Yes, your mind is that powerful and there are no exceptions.


While this way of perceiving the world might be difficult to digest for many, when you understand our investment in sabotage things become much clearer. We are all looking for relief from conflict. If we do not believe that we can resolve the conflict externally, we frequently create a situation that resolves itself internally. This is often seen in sports. When an athlete is not performing well or has an off the field conflict, he frequently suffers an injury. While the injury might be real (a pulled hamstring or a stiff back), the mind was busily at work creating the situation. Fans would much more likely support a player if he were injured than if he were having marital problems at home. After all, an athlete is expected to leave his personal issues off the field or court.

You do not have to believe in the Law of Attraction for it to be working. Just like you do not have to understand or have knowledge of gravity, it is still working. Step off a balcony of a two story building and whether you believe in gravity or not, you will most likely still come crashing to the ground. Most people create by default, meaning that they are not aware of what their thoughts are and hence take no responsibility when their manifestations arrive—for the better or worse.

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” -Albert Einstein

If you do not learn how to play the game then the game will certainly play you. We are talking about the mind game going on inside of you. When you are an unconscious attractor of your reality you often become a victim and are stuck in blame. This is when the game is playing you.

A mind in a state of appreciation is a mind creating positive results. A mind looking for someone or something to blame is a mind creating more sabotage and chaos in one’s life.

Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction or not, it does not matter. The power of the mind is still at work and the results can still be felt. Don’t you think it better off to learn how to focus your thoughts and start to receive all of the dreams that you have been asking for?

Feeling Natural in the Art of Manifestation

When people discuss the law of attraction, even Abraham-Hicks occasionally, they say you attract what you think, and you are what you think, but it is more than that. You are what you feel and how you feel is directly affected by your beliefs, which are no more than your dominant thoughts.

The art of manifestation is simply cutting out the middle ground; it is about feeling your way into a new reality because thinking it is simply not enough. Of course thinking is the first step, but there is so much more to it than that. For instance, if you are imagining a new reality in which you are rich, or perfectly healthy, and so on, but you do not feel it is real or that it can be real, then you are wasting your time and your energy.

One thing Wayne Dyer often says is that it must feel natural to you, otherwise your efforts are futile, meaning that if whatever you are attempting to manifest does not feel natural to you then it will never become manifest. Thinking of it often and visualizing it are great ways to slowly shift your subconscious into feeling that it is natural by changing your beliefs, but until you can actually achieve the feeling of it with real conviction your efforts are in vain.

Law of Attraction and God

There is another law discussed by Neville Goddard, in The Power of Awareness, called the law of assumption, which says “All that befalls a man—all that is done by him, all that comes from him—happens as a result of his state of consciousness.” This, again is more than what he wants or what he thinks about, but “his state of consciousness,” which is determined by not only his thoughts and desires but his emotions and his imagination, in other words what he assumes he is, such as whether he is healthy or not, abundant or not, et cetera.

One thing Goddard confers, which those who discuss the law of attraction often leave out, is God. Of course Abraham-Hicks and many others discuss Source, which is another word for the same thing, but many people’s perception of the law of attraction is rather materialistic. The art of manifestation is often more concerned with getting in touch with the I AM presence within you that is God.

Please do not think I am trying to discredit the law of attraction or any who are associated with it, but there is so much more to it than attracting your desires, which is where the art of manifestation comes in. Your consciousness is not separate from anyone else’s, and the sooner we all realize this the sooner we can ascend to unity consciousness as One.