Cross to the Light

Opening the Door of the Heart and Unifying Body and Mind

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If we observe the three constant sensations we have from our self, here is what we have: A brain that is constantly thinking… and never stop. (trying desperately to find the scenario for a better life and creating an atmosphere of permanent danger) A heart that is mostly oppressed and don’t feel good and who nobody listen to. An annal sphincter that is constantly contracted and never relax trying to keep what he has. (marking our fear of life, greed and lack of generosity by thinking we face danger) The…read more

Magical 101

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Today October 13, 2013 at 7pm something incredible happened in my life… I had the amazing opportunity to see Joel Osteen live at the Oasis church of Los Angeles. It is magical to see a big star like him Sundays after Sundays on TV and suddenly live at 20 feets in front of you in a relatively small and intimate church. It is a privilege… and a once in a life time experience. That is my point… the magical of life. To renew our relationship with God… we need to…read more